About Us


Reusable, Selective Filtration

Our Nano-filters can be used for thousands of cycles before replacement or regeneration is needed. 

We target, capture and then release (refine) both precious metal and rare earth elements from acidic liquids.

Clean Earth

We can extract metal contaminants from existing acidic liquids such as past mining spills and industrial waste.

Our process allows mining companies to move to more environmentally-friendly processes leaving clean tailings.

Mobile, Remote or On-premise

We work with you to determine the best solution for our filtration system. This can be in an active mining operation, leftover tailings with extractable value or for a clean-up application.

Institute Verified Process

Our process development was born out of a request to clean tailings from phosphate mines in the State of Florida. Florida Industrial and Phosphate Research Institute (FIPR) put our process to the test proving our technology.

A UCF Incubator Company

Precision Periodic is supported by the UCF Business Incubator Program.

Business Awards

Our proprietary technology has won many Florida competition awards for its innovation.