Precious Metal
Rare Earth
Extraction & Refinement
In Minutes

  • Extract From 0-8 pH Liquid
  • No Regeneration, or Heat
  • Multiple Elements
  • Eliminates Chemicals
  • Environmental Clean-Up
  • 99% Pure

Analogous to what the invention of the silicon wafer did for electronics...

Nano Beads™ A Significant Advancement In Mining Extraction And Refinement

  • Proprietary Nano Beads™ technology extracts rare earths and precious metals out of acidic solutions >1 ppb.
  • Separates/Refines multiple elements in one process to greater than 99% purity, including Uranium and Thorium.
  • Extracted out of acidic solutions including HCL, sulphuric, phosphorus and acid mine drainage.
  • Extraction process is completed in a single pass and requires no heat, regeneration, back pressure.
  • Separates/Refines multiple elements out of the same pregnant solution & refine/release is <15 minutes per element.
  • Zero waste extractive process, we do not add or exchange chemicals.  Leach solutions and release agents can be reused.



Discrete Nanofiltration

Our  proprietary technology targets, extracts and separates elements in one process without the need for additional chemicals or steps. It was developed originally to capture elements out of a Phosphate Mining Process. The technology has been five years in the making. Commercial application of our Nano Beads is available and there is no application size limitation.

Nano Beads™

Rare Earth and Precious Metal Nano Bead filtration extracts and separates elements from acidic solution that has a 0-8 pH range. No back pressure, heat or regeneration is needed. Nano Beads provide 500m2surface per gram of beads.

99% Pure Elements

A single pass through of a pregnant solution through our Nano Beads captures the targeted elements and holds them until a release is initiated. This selective separation produces highly refined elements that are 99% pure or greater.

Rare Earth & Precious Metals - Including Uranium, Thorium, Lithium & Cobalt

Elements can be extracted in a free flow environment. There are no limitations to system sizing or flow. A single pass can be configured to capture 100% of the targeted elements. Releasing the elements from the Nano Beads takes <15 minutes per element and can hold 0.2 grams per gram of Nano Bead.

Environmental Clean-Up - Coal Fly Ash, Acid Mine Drainage, Phosphate Waste

Nano Beads can extract elements from any waste or by-product that is in a acidic liquid or that can be leached into acidic liquid. We have successfully extracted elements out of residual mine tailings, coal fly ash, acid mine drainage and phosphate mine waste. Once filtered by the beads, leach liquids can be reused.

Eliminates Mining/Refining Chemicals - No ION Exchange or Solvent Extraction

Our Nano Beads eliminates the need to use additional chemicals for extraction or refinement. Unlike other extraction and refinement processes, there are no additives. Nano Beads extract out of a pH of 0-8 and any leaching agent is reused as is the release liquid.

Simultaneous Element Extraction

Target and Extract Multiple Elements From Acidic Solutions


Extract both Precious metals and Rare Earth Elements out of your ore, wastewater or leach liquid...any acidic solution, by using both of our Precious Metal and Rare Earth Elements Nano Beads™

Selective Separation Refinement

Release/Refine/Separate On Demand


Release your targeted elements on demand. All chemicals are reused and Nano Beads™ do not require regeneration.

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