Precious MEtals
Rare Earth ELements
Waste Clean Up

  • Extracts Multiple Metals 
  • Refines The Metals
  • 10-30 Minute Filter Cycle
  • Eliminates Cyanide & Carbon

Selective, Reusable, Filtration System

Extract All Precious Metals or All Rare Earth Elements or Both Using Both Filters


Typical Filter Cycle is 5-30 minutes for  Capture and 5-15 minutes for Release

Validated Process


A University of Central Florida Incubator Company

Florida Industrial and Phosphate Research Institute Verified



No harmful chemicals used. HCL (chlorination) is typically used and is a safe and effective wash.

Post process results are clean tailings and refined at Elements at 95% purity or better.

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A UCF Incubator Company

Supported by the University of Central Florida as part of their Incubator Company Program

Precision Periodic

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