Precision Periodic Rare Earth Filter

Extraction of Rare Earth Elements

Rare Earth Extraction

Proven Process

Precision Periodic nano-filtration  can extract rare earth elements in a quick, easy and repeatable process. The filter can be used thousands of cycles before replacement or regeneration is required. There is no limitation on system size and can easily be scaled up.

The filter capabilities have been verified by Florida Industrial and Phosphate Research Institute (FIPR). The REE nano-filter captured 40-60% of the rare earth elements and radioactive elements in a five minute single pass-through from wet process phosphoric acid and 80% of the rare earth elements in a five minute single pass-through from sulfuric acid leached waste.

Unlike other REE filters, heavy metals are not an issue for Precision Periodic. Precision Periodic precious metals filter can filter out the heavy metals if needed.

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Precision Periodic partners with companies to provide their filtering capabilities for extraction and refining of both rare earth elements and precious metals. The REE filter is currently available for partnership projects.