Precision Periodic extracts multiple precious metals out of an acidic wash.


Multi-Element Extraction & Refinement

For Precious metal mining, our precious metal nano-filter overcomes the specificity issues with a wash or leach process. Never before has there been an effective way for mining companies to use a safe wash chemical to extract gold and other precious metals with high precision and selectivity.

Not only does our proprietary system eliminate the issues with contamination, we also can extract and refine all the valuable metals in one process while at the same time extremely reducing the time to process. 

Our nano-filtration eliminates the need to use cyanide leaching and carbon which also significantly improves process time. The filtering time out of an HCL wash is from 5-30 minutes to capture the elements and only 5-15 minutes additional to release (purity of 95% or greater) each individual element.

Selective Extraction

We can selectively extract precious metal elements containing as little as 1 ppb to 2000 ppm without any interference from other elements such as iron, copper and lead.