Gravity Mining


20,000 Mesh - Particle Size

Gravity miners no longer have to leave behind the gold flour and micron gold plus other valuable metals in their tailings. Simply add-on the wash and the Precision Periodic Filtration System to extract and refine ALL the valuable metals in the ore.

Get All The Gold, Silver, Platinum...

Why give up revenue from the silver or platinum group metal contents in your ore? The Precision Periodic filtration system can extract all the valuable metals.

Process Your Tailings!

Many gravity miners stockpile the tailings. Now you can generate additional revenues from those tailings!  Precision Periodic provides their filtration system on a revenue share basis to extract and refine the precious metals.

Extract and Refine At The Same Time!

Save time and money.  Not only does the Precision Periodic Filtration System extract target metals, it also refines them in the same process!

Easily Scaleable

Whether a large operation or a small one, the Precision Periodic Filtration System is fully scaleable to be effective for any size operation.

Mobile Or On-Site

Depending on the size and volume for your mining operation, Precision Periodic can work with you to establish an on-site filtration system or service you via a scheduled mobile mounted system.