Replace Cyanide Leaching & Carbon Filtering

Cyanide and Carbon Elimination - Precision Periodic filtration system completely replaces cyanide leaching and carbon filtering to extract gold, silver and other precious metals/platinum group metals. The process is quicker (hours versus weeks) and less expensive (2+ orders of magnitude). The resulting tailings are safe and clean.

HCL Wash – A well known, safe and environmentally friendly process that leaves easy to manage tailings. The Precision Periodic filtration system selectively extracts and refines the targeted precious metals and platinum group metals out of pregnant chlorinated liquid. The HCL chemicals are continuously reused in a closed loop system.

Selective, Reusable Filtration – While we describe it as a "Filtration System" it is not a filter in the sense that it can be clogged or must be treated before reuse. Our filtration system can be reused 1,000s of times over. The Precision Periodic filtration system will be fine-tuned to extract the targeted elements out of the wash and then release (refine) each element when needed.

No Contamination or Specificity Issues – Our proprietary filter completely eliminates the issues of contamination and specificity inherent with HCL. No element in the ore gets in our way.  Our filtration system can extract only the elements desired.

Reduced Processing Time From weeks to 75 minutes – The entire process from filtration to the separation and release (extract and refine) of multiple metals is completed in under 90 minutes. The process is 5-30 minutes filtration and 5-15 minutes refinement per element.

Not Only Extracted But Refined! - The post process results are 18k+ Au and 95%+ Ag (or better).

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